Data Driven Online Target Marketing

Capture Connect Media wants to ensure you are taking full advantage of precise targeting strategies that will reach the audience of consumers who are likely to be interested in your products and services. Our marketing team can reach out to potential customers through email targeting and online ads, which are optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices. All of these data driven marketing techniques will help you grow business partnership, acquire repeat customers, generate leads, boost traffic on your website, and more.

Radio, TV, Billboard Strategy and Planning

We build advertising campaigns that are design to make an impact. We work advertisers who traditionally advertised in print, radio, TV, and billboards and properly phase into digital marketing. Traditional marketing is still a viable and effective way to reach customers, but it’s no longer as effective on its own as it used to be. By integrating digital marketing strategies—landing pages, banner ads, SEM campaigns, online videos, websites, and more—into their existing marketing campaigns, Capture Connect Media brings businesses up to speed with the way consumers find the services they need.

Search & Social Media Marketing

For customers to use your products and services, they have to be able to find you on search engines and social platforms. We’ll design a targeted campaign to reach your consumer on social platforms with strategic call to actions and make sure you’re found by active searchers.

Engage & Connect Current Customers

It’s important to stay in contact with current customers. Businesses that have a strategy to keep in contact benefit from repeat and word-of-mouth business. Creating a game plan to drive social loyalty through social media, smart emails, newsletters, and text message marketing will help your business succeed.

Marketing Automation/Inbound Marketing

We know that most consumers won’t turn into a consumer on the initial interaction. Our process is to attract customers through various marketing tactics and track them at every stage in the buying cycle. We ID Anonymous Visitors to your website and notify your sales team when a prospect is on your website. The analytics will improve your sales process, eliminate waste and optimize future marketing campaigns.


Over 13 years of business development, advertising and marketing experience. We’ve seen and touched a lot of businesses over the years. Our process of understanding your needs and developing world class concepts and implementation plans will get your business noticed quickly. We also have established relationships with a team of professionals around the country that are captains of their industry to assist in planning. We can assist with concept development, sales planning, business development and ideas that create change.


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